Valentine’s Day ideas: Serve your partner’s breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed/weheartit

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way of telling your partner that he or she is special. Breakfast in bed is an amazing way to personalize your Valentine’s Day and make it super special for your loved one. Remember this one has to be a surprise, so keep it hidden from your partner for the full effect and (ahem) rewards!

Don’t know how to cook perfect meals? Don’t worry as breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be elaborate it is the thought that counts! But here are a few tips that will add a special touch to your memorable day:

Preparing the tray:

Layer on the extra touches to show you planned this well in advance, use the best china and silverware. Present the meal with a linen napkin.

Put some chocolate, cookies, or a small bowl of candies on the tray.

Add a special love note, or poem. If the kids are involved, have them make special “I love you cards”.

Try adding a special gift like a small set of toiletries or a body lotion!

Add a single rose to the tray.

Breakfast is important
Breakfast is important/ freedigitalphotos

For the meal:

Prepare the menu and buy required food in advance.

Cater to her special interests and favourite foods.

Save time in the morning by using a mix or premixing your ingredients (plus chopping) the night before.

Make sure you serve everything in courses to make it a leisurely and long affair.

Start off the breakfast with coffee and a selection of warm pastry’s and the newspaper.

Breakfast is a must/weheartit

10 easy Breakfast in bed ideas

  • If you are not a kitchen pro and cannot cook to save your life, bring in some croissants, pastries and sandwiches the night before and serve them like a pro.
  • Pancakes are easy especially with a premix. Make them special with adding a topping or filling. Cranberries, nuts, or chocolate chips are a good idea.
  • French toast is always easy. Add a little cinnamon or some vanilla extract for a unique taste.
  • Scrambled eggs are quick and easy. Make them special by adding cheese, or sausage, or vegetables.
  • An elegant and classy (plus sex starter of a dish) is strawberries and cream!
  • Cut some fresh fruit and present it in an attractive bowl.
  • Make a fruit smoothie. Use your blender and just blend her favorite fruit with a scoop of ice cream and some ice!
  • Buy some fruit juice (pre-packaged works fine)
  • Crave Indian? Buy some premade upma or uttapam batter (MTR works well) and make her some yummy Indian food.
  • You can serve sparkling wine, if you are both on a holiday later.

Some quick tips:

  • Don’t forget the cleanup. A dirty kitchen spoils the effect of the meal in bed.
  • Make sure to do this when you have your holiday or get up at least 2 hours in advance to enjoy your meal plus some make-out time without getting late for work!
  • Encourage your wife to enjoy some quiet time while you prepare the rest of her special meal.
  • Candles are a nice touch.
  • Use this time to reconnect with your wife and listen to what your wife wants to talk about. Keep the conversation light and do not pick heavy topics like kids, budget, etc!

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