Valentine’s Day countdown- Chocolate Day: Creative ways to gift her chocolates

I think chocolate day is probably everybody’s favourite because obviously, it involves CHOCOLATES! Chocolates have a lot of health benefits . Today on Chocolate Day if you are planning to give your partner chocolates here are a few creative ways of doing it.

Give her a chocolate bouquet: Chocolate bouquets don’t only look fancy but will make her happier than a real flower bouquet. Big or small, get it personalised and give it to her. Gifting stores have a variety of ready-made chocolate bouquets that you can choose from.

Moulded chocolates: Get a personalised chocolate moulded in her favourite thing’s shape. For example: If she loves lipsticks get her a chocolate lipstick. Moulded chocolates are easily available at shops or vendor who provide handmade chocolates. However, if you want to give it a personal touch, make it yourself.

A chocolate pinata: Pinatas are paper-mâché containers that are usually hung to be broken during celebrations. However, if you are unable to make or buy one, use any breakable container or a big balloon which you can fill with chocolates, hang somewhere she can burst or break to enjoy a chocolate rain. You can also surprise her by bursting it yourself when she enters a room. She’ll love it.

Chocolate hunt game: Make her a chocolate hunting game. Get her a lot of chocolate and instead of giving it to her directly, make chits that will direct her to the chocolate. It will be fun and refreshing for both of you.

DIY chocolate surprise box: Take chocolates of her different flavours and make a DIY box.

Lastly, everything said and done it is the efforts that count. Even if it is a simple chocolate, give it to her with a beautiful message or express to her how much she means to you. Take my word, materialistic things don’t count as much as love.

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