Vagina Wigs Just Walked the Runway at New York Fashion Week, and Uh, WTF?

You know how it goes: you've got a drawer full of makeup and hair accessories, but you need a look that's really going to wow people. Well, worry not, beauty fans. New York Fashion Week has the answer, and it's as weird and wacky as ever: the vagina wig.

South Korean-born fashion designer Kaimin sent some of her models down the runway wearing merkins, which were part of a punk collection that was inspired by diversity and tolerance.

As startling as these looks are, merkins aren't a new invention. The vagina wigs are often used in Hollywood for sex scenes, and women in the 15th century wore merkins after shaving their pubic hair to rid themselves of lice (this is getting sexier by the minute, I know). In the same era, sex workers sometimes turned to merkins to hide signs of sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis.

But this isn't even the weirdest thing we've seen lately: the blinking eyeball nails and nostril hair extensions are still giving us nightmares.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the vagina wigs did have their own team of hairstylists.

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