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11 months ago
Two authors wrote about their last few days before death. Now their spouses are...

When one story ends, a new one begins. Two authors wrote popular memoirs about dying young and their spouses have now fallen in love with each other. Isn’t this story fit to be a fairytale?

According to a report in The Washington Post, Lucy Kalanithi and John Duberstein found solace in each other’s company after their spouses passed away. San Mateo, California based-Kalanithi’s late husband, Paul Kalanithi, wrote the popular When Breath Becomes Air, before succumbing to lung cancer at the age of 37. And Greensboro, North Carolina based-John Duberstein’s wife Nina Riggs wrote The Bright Hour, which was published in 2017, after her death fighting breast cancer.

The two books were often mentioned together, since they dealt with loss and grief. “I am still surprised. I am surprised by how ridiculous it is and natural it is at the same time,” said Kalanithi in the report.

While it may seem like serendipity, it was Duberstein’s late wife Nina who told her husband to reach out to Lucy since she had experience dealing with death. When he eventually did reach out to her, the two spent a lot of time emailing each other and sharing their grief.

When the two eventually met in person in April 2017, their chemistry was undeniable and the couple soon decided to tell their friends and family about the relationship.

Isn’t this the sweetest love story ever told?

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