Trying to give up sugar? Here’s how you can do it for good

You must have heard it a million times that sugar has no nutritional value and consuming too much of it can only cause health issues. But if you have been eating sugar on the regular, you will agree that sugar is one of the hardest things to give up. I know it because I was a sugar addict who couldn’t go to sleep without noshing on some kind of dessert. But soon, all that sugar started catching up on me. I started experiencing everything from little energy during workouts, sugar crashes and dull skin. So I decided to give up cold turkey and developed some habits along the way to make sure that I stick to a sugar-free lifestyle. So, if you are trying to give up sugar I got you a few tips.

Get rid of everything in your kitchen that contains sugar

This is easier said than done. But if you have to do away with sugar, you simply cannot risk having anything in your kitchen that contains sugar. You may think that you will have the will-power to avoid that muffin or the chocolate bar later, but when the cravings kick in, nothing will stop you from opening that bag of sweet indulgence. Here are 10 reasons why sugar is your biggest enemy.

Always keep snacks handy

There were times during my breakup with sugar when I had a strong urge to snack on something. These were the times when it was easy to reach for sugar. So to kick back the old habit I always carried snacks that were high in protein and free of sugar. An apple with some peanut butter just did the trick.

Workout at a time of the day when you crave sugar the most

It can be helpful to plan your workout around the time when you crave sugar most. I started going for a Zumba class in the evening, around 7 p.m, as that is exactly the time of the day when I would get my hands on anything sweet I could find.

Schedule sugar-free indulgences

Giving up sugar does not have to mean that you have to give up the joy of eating. You can still enjoy your dessert without consuming sugar. You can just pick a few healthy sugar-free recipes that can satisfy your cravings for something sweet without giving you the dreaded sugar crash a few hours later. Just replace the sweet cream in your cheesecake with Greek yoghurt or add jaggery instead of processed sugar to your halwa. Here are 15 simple ways to reduce sugar intake. 

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