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11 months ago
Top Indian Parenting Trends To Look Forward To In 2018

The core of parenting remains the same. But with time, comes the changes. From climbing trees and breaking bones as kids, we turned into paranoid parents and handed over the gadgets to our kids to help kill time better. From just buying random toys available in the market- to pre-ordering and customising every little rattle our child holds, parents have adapted to changes and continue to learn and adapt. Here’s a look at the parenting trends of 2017 that were projected to be big and how the year turned out.

Find Out The Top Parenting Trends Of 2017

And here’s what’s likely to be the most talked about topics or trends in the year to follow.

1. Wooden Toys 


Earlier the mention of the word toys- would ring in an image of a cuddly soft Teddy bear or a Barbie dollhouse made of plastic.But that’s not the case anymore. From teaching kids about being eco-friendly, parents have now decided to give the wooden toys a try and there is a huge market for them in the recent times. Customised, hand-crafted and lead and chemical free toys are what parents opt in for their kids to spend time enjoying and learning.

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2. Breast milk Jewellery 


Nature’s unique and best method to bond a mother and her newborn is not restricted to the few months of lactation. Now moms choose to retain keepsakes and memories of their most cherished bonding for a lifetime and breastmilk jewellery comes in handy. No longer just a thing of the west, we now have moms creating breastmilk jewellery as a passion to help fellow moms.

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3. Paternity leave

Though this one is few and quite far-fetched, it is slowly catching up. When Mark Zuckerberg announces he is going on a paternity leave, the world does sit up and listen! Indian dads are slowly catching up with their Western counterparts by taking some time off their work schedule and helping the new momma raise their newborn, especially in the first few weeks.

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4. Babywearing

From being apprehensive and having endless doubts- babywearing has come a long way and is sure to get bigger in the coming year. The response that the International Babywearing Week had this year among parents and moms, in particular, validates the magnitude of this trend.

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5. The new buzzword- ‘Organic’

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety and good health. And parents, well aware of this fact, are doing all they can, to make sure their children get dressed and even eat their meals using the best natural products to show how much you care for Mother Nature. From the diapers to bedding brands to spill-proof plates to comfortable tees and rompers- parents look to continue selecting the ‘organic’ option for their kids.

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6. Maternity photoshoot

This is one concept that has struck a chord among the Indian parents and we are now ready to break the taboos to cherish some wonderful memories. Just like western parents, maternity photo shoot has now caught up with parents- both celebs and laymen like you and me and maternity and newborn photo shoots are now a big thing in the country. No more ‘nazar lag jaaye‘, parents!

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7. Subscription services


Get the best of the world for your kids, right at your doorstep without the hassle of shopping. With subscription services flourishing in the market for everything from books, to toys, to snacks and even apparels- parenting, can safely be assumed, has gotten easier in recent times.

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Image source: Huffington Post

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