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11 months ago
Top Five 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

The first wedding anniversary is an exciting time, marking the very first year of married life. If a couple in your life is coming up to their first anniversary, then it’s most likely time to start thinking about the ideal first-anniversary gift to give them.

The “big” anniversaries such as silver and gold get a lot of attention – but the first one is just as special.

The traditional wedding gift for the very first anniversary is paper. It doesn’t sound as exciting as silver or gold – but it opens up lots of fun possibilities for the couple in your life!

Here are some first-anniversary gift ideas to inspire you.

1. Framed art or writing

What could be better for a first anniversary than something printed and framed?

Photographs are an obvious choice, and there’s something traditional and elegant about the gift of a beautiful photo frame with a picture of the happy couple. You could choose a picture from their wedding day or honeymoon, to mark their first year of marriage, or you might opt for a picture from a special event they’ve been to, or even from earlier in their relationship.

If you want something a little more unusual, why not commission an artwork for them? If you search online you’ll find many artists offering beautifully painted pictures at reasonable choices. You could commission a painting of their favorite place, their pet, their wedding venue, or even their wedding bouquet.

Framed art or writing

Other ideas that are great for framing include a map of the first place they met or went on their first date, a favorite or romantic poem, the sheet music to the song they had their first dance to, or even copies of famous love letters.

2. A day or night out – And a map

If your friends love ballet, improv theater, that particular restaurant downtown or that local modern art gallery, why not arrange a memorable night out for them? There are so many possibilities you can choose from:

  • A concert or show you know they’ll love
  • A relaxing spa day to give them a break from their hectic lives
  • An experience day at a local zoo or aquarium
  • A day of instructions in anything from origami to flying
  • A cruise or helicopter ride
  • A tasting session at a winery or chocolatier
  • A demonstration of a local craft such as glass making or pottery

To keep with the paper theme, buy a map that includes the place they’re heading to and draw out their route. Present the tickets in an attractive envelope.

3. A first year anniversary book

Commemorative books aren’t only for 25 or 50 years! You can buy a lovely anniversary book with a cream cover (to keep with the paper theme), and even have it embossed with your friends’ names and the date of their wedding.

What you put in the book is up to you. Why not add:

  • A copy of their marriage certificate
  • A list of newspaper headlines from their wedding day
  • Pictures from their honeymoon
  • Pictures of special moments from their first year such as trips they’ve taken or events they’ve attended
  • Written notes about funny, sweet, or meaningful things they’ve shared with you over coffee or drinks during their first year of marriage
  • Pictures of their pets, kids, or the first home they lived in together as spouses

Wrap the book in high quality paper and add some raffia or twine for a rustic yet elegant look.

A first year anniversary book

4. A personalized calendar

A personalized calendar is a fun, quirky gift that fits perfectly with the paper theme – and is also very useful!

When you order a personalized calendar, you fill out the names of your friends, and that’s it! They’ll receive a beautiful calendar with their names on the cover, and depending on where you purchase it, on every page too.

Now your friends will have no excuse to skip date night – and no more double booking nights out, either! It’s a practical gift that will make them smile every time they see it.

5. A forest picnic

For a more abstract take on the paper theme, why not give the gift of a forest picnic? This is especially appropriate if the couple in your life are avid recyclers or environmentalists.

Gather together some of their closest friends and family and whisk them away for a fun picnic afternoon in a local forest or park.

Pack a picnic and of course some wine or champagne. Even better, choose foods that are reminiscent of their wedding day, and a cake in the same flavor as their wedding cake.

Don’t forget some candle lanterns or string lights for an extra special romantic vibe. You might like to take along a ball, frisbee, or even outdoor-sized versions of classic games like snakes and ladders for a fun, laughter-filled afternoon.

The first anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to look back on the first year together and get ready for many more. Let our gift ideas inspire you to give a first-anniversary gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

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