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Makeup and beauty is something which is close to every woman’s heart, but for buying any new makeup or beauty product it is always confusing as to which lipstick or eyeshadow would look good. But with the increase in technology, we have some amazing apps that give a perfect solution to all the women who love makeup and adds beauty to your picture. Every woman must have space for these amazing apps with them.

  • You cam makeup app

    Source: Coisas de diva
    Source: Coisas de diva

It is a digital makeup app that allows you to create a virtual customized look by choosing from hundreds of beauty products. This app is the best for the selfie lovers, as it can transform your complete look with the beauty options available on it. You can play with different looks on this app; it is a very easy app to use. You can click a picture or upload a selfie while using this app and then apply different makeup filters accordingly, it also allows you to see the details of the makeup you have applied after creating the look. You can apply eyeliner; mascara, lip color, eyeshadow, eyelashes, and blush through this app and you can also download additional filters which include celebrity signature looks like Emma Roberts.

  • Glam scout

    Source: magazine
    Source: magazine

Glam scout is a cosmetics color search mobile app that captures any look you upload and finds matching makeup to that look virtually try on in real time.  So next time when you go out for any party with proper makeup done then, you must upload your picture on glam scout within seconds the app identifies the makeup shades on the eyes, lips and face with products from 80+ brands with a different price range. For the people who are usually too confused with the new products to buy there is an option for virtually trying the product by using the phone’s camera as a mirror. This app is best to make you assure about which product should you buy and will it suit you, before purchasing.

  • The glam app

    Source: Hi tech chic
    Source: Hi tech chic

This beauty app was founded by celebrity makeup and hair artist Joey Maalouf and actress/blogger Cara Santana. The glam up app offers nails, hair, and makeup services straight to your door. This app works with a variety of freelance stylist and artists, whenever you want to go for a manicure, pedicure or a blow dry can select your own stylist and request them to come at your home for a session. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to leave your house; the salon can come to your door and give you the best service that you want.

  • Match co

    Source: Match co
    Source: Match co

Makeup base is the main key of your whole makeup, we generally find it very tough to use the right base and blend two or more foundation to make it look good on our skin tone. So, for getting a perfect makeup base for your skin tone you must go for Match Co beauty app. It has six scanning step process and is easy to use, all you need to do is scan some images of your skin: cheeks, forehead, and wrists and then it gives you a perfect base according to your complexion. Match Co gives us our own custom blend at an affordable cost, each finished scan is sent Match co-headquarters and then, it offers the foundation which perfectly matches to your skin tone and as the key to perfect makeup is the perfect makeup base so, Match co is a perfect app for creating a perfect base for you.

  • Spruce

    Source - pop sugar
    Source – pop sugar

Skin is a very important part of our body and it is very important to take care of your skin, many people face different skin problems due to change of weather, water or because of eating habits. So people who have a sensitive skin and face problems they must use this app. Spruce offers dermatologist appointments virtually through phone, you can choose a certified dermatologist through the app as it has profiles of several dermatologists available on the app. Any skin problem whether it is a rash, allergy or acne you can send pictures or details regarding your condition immediately through the app and within 24 hours you receive a personalized skincare treatment plan and prescriptions if any are needed. It offers different treatment plans according to the condition at different cost from which you can choose and take your treatment ahead.

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