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7 years ago
Tips to lose weight in your sleep

Tips to lose weight in your sleep

Yes, you read it right that to sleep more to lose weight. Losing weight is just like a herculean task for those who are obese or those who want to shed few extra pounds. Actually weight gain is caused due to many factors like mental stress, junk food eating and no physical work. According to experts opinion the best way to lose weight easily is to sleep early. There is an age old proverb that early rise to early bed. It means for good health you should sleep early at night and get up early in the morning.

By sleeping early your body get more time to relax. For early sleep you it is important to schedule your bedtime and instead of wasting your time in watching TV or movie it is better to sleep. Most of the time, these activities consume our time and so we end up losing on our precious sleep. The way to manage your sleep time is to remember in your mind the amount of calories you want to shed even without doing any exercise or anything. Having at-least 7-8 hours of sleep is important for relaxed mind and body.

Always sleep in dark places because there are many light sources like bed lamp, phone alarm and street lamp which can disturb our sleep. So, before sleep just switch off all your electronic gadgets like phone and laptop and place curtain on windows and door to get happy sleep.

For better sleep you can
take hot water shower just before sleep. Warm water will relax your muscles so it would be easy to sleep early.

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