Nidhi Kumari
7 years ago
Tips for natural and glowing face

Get clear and natural skin with the help of these remedies-
1.  Apply lemon juice on your entire face, It helps to improve overall skin complexion and also reduces dark spot from your face.
2. Use turmeric pastes with the combination of pineapple juice, It helps to reduce dark spot and scars from your face.
3. Apply honey on your face, to get clear and moisturised skin.
4. Apply aloe vera gel with the help of cotton, to kill bacteria that causes acne.
5. Use baking soda  with the combination of lemon juice, It helps to remove pimples and  blackheads.
6. Then rub thoroughly the cucumber slices all over the face, It helps to remove your damaged skin cells and gives a fresh glow on your face.

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