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11 months ago
This home remedy can help in faster healing of episiotomy after vaginal birth

During a vaginal birth, sometimes the doctor has to perform an episiotomy on the mother to help the child come out through the birth canal easily. An episiotomy is an incision made from the end of the vagina up to the anus to help the head of the baby come out easily. Needless to say that the doctors have to stitch up the slit done during labour and this makes the area sensitive is least to say. The healing process takes time and during healing, it is important that the mother takes care to avoid infections, cuts or sores that could delay healing and invite more pain and discomfort. Here are a few ways in which one can take care of an episiotomy scar.

This is why mothers who have to undergo an episiotomy are given loads of advice and a list of do’s and don’ts to follow to ensure faster healing of the stitch. Some of them are — to keep the area clean, avoid constipation as pressure during a bowel movement can make the area sore or even lead to bleeding, apply prescribed ointment for faster recovery, apply cold packs to the area to soothe it, etc.

While all this can help in the healing of the stitches faster, there are other home remedies too that can help. Traditionally, it is believed that certain aromatic oils when used to massage the area helps in soothing the area and speeds up the healing process. Here is how to do a perineum massage to avoid episiotomy during labour.

Here is one home remedy that can help in healing episiotomy stitches

Two types of aromatic oils that work like wonder in the healing process are Cyprus and Lavender oil. Now, to use these oils to heal your wounds you need little effort. If you have a bathtub fitted in the bathroom. Fill it with lukewarm water just enough to keep your bottoms submerged. Put two drops of Cyprus oil and three drops of lavender oil in the water and sit in this water with your legs hanging outside the tub and let your vagina soak in this water for a while. Preferably, do this after every time you go the loo.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a bathtub in your bathroom (which most Indian houses don’t) use a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water and add the drops of oil into it. After urinating, sit on the pot and spray the area with this oil-water mix and stay there for some time allowing the area to get soaked before you pat it dry and wear your pyjamas back.

This remedy has helped many new mothers heal their episiotomy faster. If you have a remedy that has helped you immensely, share it with us writing in our comments section.

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Inputs are taken from the book Garbhasanskar by Dr Vikram Shah and Dr Geetanjali Shah. 

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