This hack can hide your double chin 

Who likes a double chin? No one! From trying facial exercises to chewing gums, getting rid of the face fast isn't easy. And when it comes to a double chin, the extra layer of fat below the chin, we know it can be embarrassing. The double chin usually happens with weight gain, but a lot of times weight gain has nothing to do with it.

The double chin actually affects your appearance and even the face contour. If you're looking for an easy hack that can fix your double chin, then we've got you covered. There's actually an instant hack that can hide your double chin sans any surgery or exercise. Beauty blogger, Stephanie Valentine, who's famously known as Glamzilla shared a genius hack to hide all the fat around the neck. Her hack got many shares, creating a storm on the internet.

The beauty blogger basically taped her neck to hide all the fat. Woah! Sounds cool, right? The tape is actually a medical-grade one, which can be placed on the back of your neck. This means, no one will be able to see the tape. All you need to do is gather the skin around the nape of the neck, tape one end, pull it back and tape the other end. The tape can be easily covered by your hair. Genius, isn't it?

Before you apply the tape, clean your neck and keep it dry for the tape to stick. To remove the tape, it's adviced to use lotions or oil to for the adhesive, so it doesn't irritate your skin. Disclaimer: Please do not use any household tape for this hack.

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