This Woman Made an Art Exhibit Out of Unsolicited Dick Pics

Finally, someone is doing something about unsolicited dick pics.

Artist Whitney Bell recently opened an exhibit in a Los Angeles gallery titled, “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.” Over 150 unsolicited penis pics sent to her and her friends line the walls of the exhibit, which is built to look like Bell’s home.

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dick pics
Whitney Bell/ Facebook

Bell hopes the bold installation will spark a conversation about the harassment implicit in unwanted, X-rated sexts.

She told that some guys send unsolicited photos of their junk to exert control and power over a woman, forcing her to look at their naughty bits.

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That’s why she made the exhibit space feel like a home. “I want you to feel as if you’re in someone’s private safe space, like you’ve been welcomed in, but that even in this space you are unsafe,” Bell writes on the exhibit’s Facebook event page. “You are still bombarded by male dominance and aggression.”

Anyone who has ever received an unwanted penis mug shot knows this girl has got a point.

dick pics
Whitney Bell/ Facebook

Besides shedding light on the dick pic epidemic, Bell wants to publicly shame these dudes in hopes that they realize there are consequences to their totally uncool behavior.

dick pics
Whitney Bell/ Facebook

If no one asks for it, keep it in your pants, brah.

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