This Is What It's Really Like to Live With Endometriosis - and Exactly How I Deal With It

There has been an increased focus on endometriosis from the medical community lately, and while I'm happy to see the effort to help women with this disorder, it's time to be really real about something. Endometriosis is a struggle that women do not get credit for dealing with, most times with a smile on our face while busting our asses running companies, busting our asses running our households, and dealing with all the other drama that can get thrown our way in the blink of an eye.

I've dealt with endometriosis most of my adult life, and it started around the time I was 16, about four years into my period. I'm not one to brag, but my pain threshold is pretty high. I only know this because a few medical professionals have pointed this out to me during procedures. And even with a high pain threshold, endometriosis is completely crippling. I have found it to be worse as I have gotten older; terrible when I'm under stress; and almost intolerable if I'm not on any sort of birth control.

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