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11 months ago
This Is What Happens When You Take Photos of Everything You Eat For 3 Months

I don't count calories. Or macros. Or tablespoons of salad dressing. Or bites of dark chocolate. I eat a healthy, mostly plant-based diet, and feel energetic, satiated, and happy, so I never felt the need to.

I also do intermittent fasting (IF), which I delved into almost a year ago. I started about eight months after starting CrossFit, to help me lose a little stubborn baby weight and to help with belly bloat caused by overeating (it helped both!).

I did the 16:8 method, where I don't eat breakfast and stop eating around 7 p.m. It definitely helped transform my body, and I was pretty psyched about how I looked and felt when I hit my one-year CrossFitversary in July 2017.

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