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9 months ago
This Is Baahubali Star Tamannah Bhatia's Secret Morning Drink To Burn Fat!

  • Tamannah Bhatia eats lots of good fat for a glowing skin.
  • She swears by butter coffee for fat burn.
  • Butter coffee is said to keep away food cravings.
Baahubali actor Tamannah Bhatia has become a household name in the country, thanks to her role in the Rajmouli magnum opus. Tamannah played the role of the feisty Avantika in the movies that also starred Prabhas, Anushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati. Tamannah has acted in several Hindi films as well and is popular for her charming girl-next-door looks and delicate features. Tamannah's glowing skin and svelte figure means that the diva makes sure that she eats healthy. She also has a great workout regime to keep her fit and active.

Tamannah has a huge fan following on Instagram and she frequently shares healthy diet tips with her followers. Recently, Tamannah posted the secret to quick fat burn and it's a drink that made quite a buzz in the diet world. The drink that Tamannah swear by for fat burn is the bulletproof coffee or the butter coffee. Tamannah explains why she likes the drink in her Instagram video. Have a look!

Tamannah says in the video that butter coffee gives her an energy boost in the morning and also keeps off food cravings. "Whenever I have butter coffee in the morning, I get the perfect kick-start for the day. And, I also feel like the carbs that I normally feel like eating, I don't want to eat that.. my blood sugar stays normal and I feel superb", Tamannah is heard telling her makeup artist, who is visibly surprise with this weird combination. The bulletproof coffee has been endorsed by a whole lot of Hollywood celebrities as well, including Eileen Woodley, who spoke about it on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Also Read: Garlic And Red Wine For Weight Loss: Just 3 Tablespoons Of This Potion May Help Burn Belly Fat

Butter coffee evangelists swear that they experience an energy boost due to the coffee and are able to stave off cravings. But perhaps the biggest advantage of adding butter to your morning cup is that you may not experience the energy crash that comes hours after drinking any heavily caffeinated drink. The butter coffee is made by adding a spoonful of unsalted and organic cow-fed clarified butter or ghee, or coconut oil and blending it in your coffee. Would you try this bizarre drink that Tamannah Bhatia is a fan of? Let us know in the comments section below!

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