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6 months ago
This Full-Body Workout From the "Kettlebell King" Will Leave You Feeling Sore and Badass

Eric Leija is known as primal.swoledier on Instagram, but around here he's known as the Kettlebell King. He's known for consistently posting kettlebell workouts that target pretty much every muscle in the body, including ones you didn't even know existed. And his emphasis on functional movement and mobility only make his routines all the more useful.

This workout is great for the strength-training junkies out there who are looking for a challenge. The best part is, all you need is one kettlebell to make this workout a reality, so you can either do it at home or at your gym.

"The first three parts of this workout combine a bodyweight movement and a single kettlebell movement that should be performed back to back, and then you rest after each set," Eric explained. "The fourth part of the workout is an explosive and conditioning movement that should be performed with minimal rest in between sets of reps."

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