This Dad’s Story Of #CreatingWorldChampions Will Inspire You As A Parent

Superheroes don’t necessarily wear capes and fly in the air. They could be right next to you, supporting you achieve your dreams (and theirs as well). The real-life story of a Mumbai police cop, and his two daughters- National champions Aarti and Jyoti Patil is now a short film made by Schbangs in associations with Humans of Bombay.

The movie, Team Patil– that is under 6 minutes, directed by Nilay Singh, gives us a sneak peek into the lives of the Patil sisters, their modest home in Mumbai and how their father, gave it all to train his young champions. Bajirao Patil took on the role of a strict coach cum mentor and made sure his daughters practised real hard, and at the tender age of 4, the young girls won the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest and fastest twins to cross across 5km in just one and a half hours!

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They continued their love for swimming, under the guidance of their dad, and went on to win 12 Gold medals and 13 Silver medals in Breaststroke at various National and State level swimming championships. Their dream is to win an Olympic medal, for their country and for their dad. Watch this inspiring video, right here.


We, at KSP, are very passionate about sports and spoke to similar parents on what it takes to create a world champion. The struggles, the difficulties, the ambitions- we discussed them all with parents who were supportive of their child’s dreams in swimming. Watch our exclusive video from the #CreatingWorldChampions series, right here. Share this video with a parent, who will be interested.

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