This $8 Blackhead Removal Kit Is the Most Satisfying Thing You'll Ever Buy From Amazon

When I have an annoying zit, it's so hard to resist popping it. Using your fingers increases your risk of scarring, so you have to be careful! That's what I was beyond excited to find this Bestope Blackhead Removal Kit ($8) that's going viral on Amazon. A total of 2,700 people have reviewed the product, and 65 percent of them give the set five stars - that's quite impressive.

The kit includes a case and five two-sided tools. The tools have a stainless steel antibacterial coating that lowers the chance of sensitivity issues and minimizes risk of infection. The key with this kit is to use it safely and properly. "Correct usage makes things easy, we don't suggest using any blackhead remover before the acne matured, and please wipe all tools with rubbing alcohol before and after each use," the manufacturer states in the product description.

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