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11 months ago
Think twice before you try the new tonic espresso!

The new espresso tonic has taken the coffee world by storm. Fans of this drink have been sharing their versions of the quirky all over Instagram. Instagrammers claim that the drink is perfect to refresh you and give you a jolt of energy. The drink is just a mix of an espresso shot, tonic water and some lime syrup. A few shots of espresso are poured over an iced tonic water to prepare the drink. The tonic water is slightly sweet so it rounds the bitterness of the espresso making the drink somewhat creamy. But can it be a healthy idea to switch to the tonic espresso? While you may definitely want to give this drink a try, you may not want to make a switch to tonic drink. Here’s why!

Tonic water is pumped full of sugars just like any other soda. It is not in any way, a healthier alternative, to colas and other sugary drinks. It is more or less, just sweetened soda, with a little quinine added to it. All of the carbohydrates in a glass serving of regular tonic water are from added sugar [1]. A serving of regular tonic water has the equivalent of between 8 and 8.25 teaspoons of added sugar. Also, while the small amount of quinine is not dangerous, you should always check with your doctor before adding tonic water to your diet to be sure it’s safe for you [2]. Here are 4 awesome health benefits of drinking green coffee. 

So it is best that you stick to the regular espresso. Also, prefer light roasted coffee over darker ones: Light roasted coffee has a higher level of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage. Lightly roasted coffee beans have been shown to contain higher levels of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid as compared to the darker ones. Here’s why you should have regular coffee instead of decaf coffee. 

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Image source: hiheyhello_coffee_bread/Instagram

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