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7 months ago
Things you should keep in mind while washing your coloured hair

Hair colouring really changes your look and adds an X-factor to your normal hair. However, a good care needs to be taken of your hair post colouring because the the dye used usually is laced with chemicals that could be really harmful to hair. Once you have gotten your hair coloured you really need to very careful about your hair care regimen and make a few edits in it accordingly. Along with a number of other things you should keep in mind after colouring your hair, you should know that shampooing your hair is going to be a task. Colouring of hair seems all fun and games till you have to actually maintain the hair colour. The most recent hair colour trend that is killing Instagram is the Opal hair colour which seems like a very sheer hair colour, but for other hair colours that are offbeat like blue, red, pink, purple, etc. You must keep in mind these things while shampooing:

1. Your hair colour is going to bleed each time you wash till the time the hair colour is completely gone.

2. If you have black Indian hair, the hair colouring procedure would include bleaching of hair and then apply desired colour to it. Therefore, be prepared for your hair to turn blonde once you have shampooed enough for all the hair dye to wash off.

3. While washing your coloured hair you might want to be very careful as the coloured water rushing out of your hair can ruin your clothes, if anything comes in contact.

4. Use a pair of gloves if you have chosen strong colours like dark purple or red, etc.

5. If you have colours in the roots of your hair to be careful to wash your scalp well so that you don’t suffer from excessive itching and flakiness. In fact, opt for a moisturising shampoo that is meant for coloured hair.

6. Do not wash your hair with hot water. Already the chemicals in the colour make your hair dry and hot water ruins the hair further.

7. Condition your hair well. Especially the coloured part of your hair so that it doesn’t look rough.

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