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1 year ago
These Are Pretty Much the Coolest Toilets You’ll EVER See

As every traveler knows, all toilets are not created equal. Whether you’re in the middle of trekking up the side of a mountain, strolling through the streets of Paris, or finding your zen at a yoga retreat on a beach, Mother Nature waits for no one. And we bet you’d agree that there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a crappy—pardon the pun—bathroom situation.

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Luckily, the travel gurus at Lonely Planet just published a new book to help you find a seriously cool place to poop no matter where on the globe you might be. Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide features images of the craziest crappers on the planet. No joke.

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Among the loos listed (there are more than 100 from around the world) in the picky poopers guide, here are some of our faves:

Composting toilets found on the Tonto Trail in Grand Canyon National Park:

toilet in grand canyon
James Capo/500px

Tee pee-esque toilets in Iceland:

toilet in iceland
Gísli Hjálmar Svendsen/500px

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Waterfall-inspired washrooms in Taiwan’s Taroko National Park:

toilet in taiwan
Jan Philipp Kohrs/500px

Stalls at a monastery in India with some of the best scenic views we've ever seen:

toilet in india
Bernhard Strasser/500px

Why visit a museum when these toilets are pretty much masterpieces?

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