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7 months ago
These 2 Women Casually Held Handstands on Moving Escalators, and We Can't Stop Watching

It's hard not to want to do a handstand everywhere once you've learned how to master the form, but one place you should most definitely not attempt one is on a moving escalator. We couldn't help but be captivated by a video shared by CrossFit on Instagram that shows two women holding handstands on moving escalators, side by side, for at least 15 seconds. CrossFitter and health coach Lindsay Renteria was at a Westfield Mall in San Diego with personal trainer Laura Novack, and each woman shared a video of the mesmerizing handstand situation.

Can you imagine casually shopping at Forever 21 and seeing this?! We've got to hand it to the strong women who were able to pull this off and are so glad they weren't injured. But please, please don't attempt this extreme move on your next shopping trip. Aiming for lateral handstand walks is a better place to start.

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