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The taste of good health

Barely two hours before I head out to taste the food at Flax for dinner, I finally find time to have my lunch. Bad idea, I know. How am I supposed to taste all the food there now? The good folks at the newly-opened Flax assure me that it’s fine, as the food they serve at the eatery is healthy and wholesome, and won’t leave me feeling heavy. Okay then.

The welcoming sight of a vertical garden and potted plants greets me at the entrance and the warm green and cream interiors give the tiny eatery at Mathuradas Mills Compound a neat look. As we kickstart our tasting session with a lip-smacking Healthy Heart smoothie (Rs 200) that boasts of a cool combo of blueberry and mango with flaxseed, owner Bunty Arora tells us that the idea behind Flax is to provide food that’s not only healthy, but tastes good as well.

“With so much stress in our lives, we tend to ignore what we are putting inside our bodies, which in fact, is one of the major contributing factors to our health,” he says.

The eatery has various options to choose from when it comes to their superbowls and we go for the Mediterranean one (Rs 265). The combination of the crumbled feta mixed with fresh arugula, couscous, walnuts, veggies and basil dressing, is refreshing and surprisingly light on the stomach. Next up, we go for the Greek Bowl (Rs 365), which hands down, has one of the best Baba Ghanoush we have tasted, along with smooth fish pate, arugula, feta, pita crisps and a lemon olive oil dressing.

The eatery offers a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads and one can even make their own salad by choosing the base and adding the toppings, protein and extras. While I certainly don’t have the capacity to tuck into more, I do pick up the Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice sandwich (Rs 195), which has pumpkin moutabel, chipotle chicken, cranberries, feta and red onion, a high-on-protein meal. Without gushing over with superlatives, suffice to say that after tasting it and packing the rest to take home, I couldn’t wait till next morning to have the other half for breakfast!

AT: Flax, Todi Mill, Mathuradas Mill Compound

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