The Most WTF Bollywood Celebrity Beauty Moments Up Till 2017

Celebrities always look so good that we often look to them for inspiration. In fact, we wonder how they could look so good all the time and never have a bad hair/make-up day. But, being human, even they have experienced a fair share of mishaps. Here are the picks of the lot!

Priyanka Chopra’s Red C-shaped blush


A beauty look for a beauty awards red carpet, this one went horribly wrong. While it could have been an avant-garde statement maker, things didn’t quite turn out that way. Priyanka’s foundation was too white for her face. Her blush, to make matters worse, was applied in a weird C-shape, like highlighter.

Deepika Padukone’s OTT cakeface

deepika ott

Deepika NEVER gets her make-up wrong anymore. Thanks to her strong features, she can pull off pretty much anything. But even she was subjected to this foundation mismatch, over-caking, and poorly done make-up. It just breaks our heart that this is a recent picture, and not an old mistake!

Aishwarya’s Rai’s infamous purple lipstick


No WTF celebrity beauty list is complete without this. A lipstick that led to thousands of memes and practically broke the internet, Aishwarya Rai’s pastel lilac lipstick shocked everyone. While we’d love to say the look was great, let’s face it, it could have been better and just looked strange.

Sonam Kapoor’s snow white mask


Sonam Kapoor is very experimental with make-up, and transforms herself with each new look. However, this time the transformation went too far, because her entire face was a different colour compared to her body. White, pale pink, and a far cry from the actual undertones in her skin, her make-up looked like a mask.

Parineeti Chopra’s extra AF foundation and nude lipstick


A lesson in make-up gone wrong, this look took us back to our days of watching Jersey Shore. Cakey foundation that failed to actually give skin a good finish and graphic and pale nude lipstick made this look the horror story it is. Maybe ease up on the powder?

Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala look


A beauty look which is both extra and not-very-nice, this look always confuses us. Something that might have looked good if done differently, it did not work on Priyanka. Doing nothing for her pretty features, it gave the face a sickly look. From the space-alien eye make-up, to the wet looking messy hair, pretty much everything worked against her.

Kangana Ranaut’s foundation mishap

kangana foundation

Oil? Check. Wrong shade? Check. Ashy tones? Check. Kangana’s heavy make-up was wrong in pretty much every way. So overwhelming to look at, especially thanks to the stark pink lipstick, and the greasy patches, it seemed like Kangana’s skin was drowning in piles of make-up.

Sonam Kapoor’s grey blush


A blush faux pas that we cannot make sense of, Sonam’s purple-toned dark blush was just wrong for her skin. Better for someone with darker, more cool-toned skin, it ended up looking like some kind of bruise. If that wasn’t bad in itself, it also accentuated the odd feel of her already powdery skin make-up.

Sridevi’s vampirishly white look


Overpowdering like there is no tomorrow, Sridevi really went overboard here. Someone who generally wears visibly bright concealer, she baked her undereye with either too much powder here, or the wrong shade of it. Either way, it’s a look we all want to forget.

Kareena Kapoor’s concealer lipstick


The internet really trolled Kareena for this lipstick look, which is a bit unfair. Obviously not the best lip shade to opt for, it was quite an edgy choice for Bebo to try. However, it was too pale and ended up looking like a concealer. Hey, at least we all learnt a lesson in nude lipstick application, right?

Jacqueline Fernandez’s orange lipstick


Jacqueline Fernandez loves her wild lip colours, and we love that. This particular shade of light, warm-toned orange, not so much. Apart from washing Jackie out, it looked like her lips were stained with an orange popsicle, and not in a good way.

Aishwarya Rai’s infamous blush horror


A look that happened a long time ago but continues to rule WTF beauty moments, Aishwarya Rai’s apple-coloured cheeks are unforgettable. Clearly too much blush, paired with an unflattering pink lipstick, this is one beauty look that even this beauty queen couldn’t pull off.

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