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The Himalayan Chewing Gum- Churpi

  • It's natural, it's nutritious and it will help you stay warm in winters
  • It is made form Yak milk
  • It is efficient at removing plaque and tartar and keeping the gums strong
If you love chewing gum but are tired of artificial flavours then Churpi - the Himalayan chewing gum - is the answer to all your worries. Its natural, its nutritious and it will help you stay warm in winters! Made form Yak milk, Churpi is usually available in two variants - hard and soft - depending on how much it has been dried. This yak milk based local delicacy is popular in the regions of Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan. Churpi is extensively used in these parts to keep the mouth busy so that the body keeps itself warm. Inhabitants are used to chewing this every morning to go through the biting low temperatures.

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A little brown and odourless, Hard Churpi provides you enough nutrients and in fact contains a higher level of healthy fats when compared to cow's cheese. It is efficient at removing plaque and tartar and keeping the gums strong. Churpi's main ingredient, yak milk ensures that it has a high percentage of protein, it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants. It is a fine source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and all the B vitamins too!

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Similar to a chewing-gum, a Hard Churpi lasts longer in the mouth and is a very efficient way to tackle the freezing cold during winters. Soft Churpi is often used as fillings in Tibetian momos and also as a chutney in soups and many vegetable dishes.

How are Hard and Soft Churpi prepared?

1.Butter milked Yak-milk is boiled in order to vaporize the water
2.Then the solid lumps are put in a thin cloth and hung in room temperature to drain the water out.This is known as Soft Churpi.
3.To get the hardened version of it, it is further placed in jute bags and pressed hard.
4.It is then cut into small cube-like pieces.
5.Finally, these pieces are left to dry in the sun or dried in the oven on low heat.

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If you get your hands on this Himalayan treat, here's how to eat it. First keep it in the mouth to moisten it for about 5 minutes and then, and then only, can you start chewing it. Depending on the quality, one Churpi can last for almost 2-3 hours.

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