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The Best Universal Remotes

1/4 Levi Brown
Direction Haters
Philips Prestigo SRU8112
After the color screen walks you through a step-by-step setup, just point the infrared beam of your old remote at the Prestigo and your new smartie will grab all the info it needs from the light rays.

2/4 Levi Brown
Home-Theater Addicts
Logitech Harmony One
The Harmony One can simplify even a 15-device screening room. Press "Watch a DVD," say, and it not only fires up your TV and DVD player but also instructs the volume buttons to control the surround sound.

Other pluses: an easy-to-read touch screen, an ergonomic shape, and a battery that recharges in its cradle.

3/4 Levi Brown
Serious Multitaskers
ESPN The Ultimate Remote
Since it can connect to your wireless network, this remote lets you browse TV listings, send e-mails, and Google photos of Michael Phelps while you watch TV.

It also gets the latest sports scores streamed to its 2.2-inch color screen, so you won't have to interrupt Project Runway to check the score for your football-obsessed couch buddy.

4/4 Levi Brown
The Surfer On a Budget
RadioShack 4-in-1 Family Favorites
This universal remote controls up to four devices--enough for a TV, cable box, DVD, and satellite receiver--and stores favorite channels for three different family members.

The trade-off for the saved cash? Time. You have to program the codes for any non-RCA device by hand.

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