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The Best Triathlon Gear

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As a runner, I’ve never needed much more than sneakers, shorts, and a sports bra. Triathlons, on the other hand, require a ton of gear. This list, compiled based on expert recommendations and my personal experiences, should help you get through your training and the race in one piece.

2/13 Courtesy of TomTom
Best Tri Watch

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch
This brand-new product can track runs, bikes, and swims. It’s easy to use and doesn’t totally overwhelm your wrist. Plus, there are a lot of fun bands you can purchase separately to jazz it up.



3/13 Courtesy of Sunglass Hut
Best Sunglasses

Oakley Unstoppable
So the cute frame definitely sold me, but they really are great for race day, too. They weigh next to nothing and stay put on the run (and bike).


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Best Running Shoes

Asics Gel Noosa Tri
They’re designed to have great traction even on wet surfaces (like the transition area), and the toe box is totally mesh, so water won’t get trapped inside while you bike.


5/13 Courtesy of LIV/Giant
Best Helmet

LIV/Giant Orion Helmet
It has 20 vents, so your wet hair will be able to breathe during the bike ride. What’s more, it doesn’t feel constrictive but is snug enough so that you don’t have to worry it will slide around during your ride.


6/13 Courtesy of LIV/Giant
Best Cycling Gloves

LIV/Giant Women’s Velocity Gloves
They’re fingerless, so even if you’re a little drippy post-swim, your digits will be able to breathe. Plus, they have mesh panels, which will also help.


7/13 Courtesy of LIV/Giant
Best Bike

LIV/Giant Avail 1
It’s designed specifically for women to be extra comfortable for female riders. Plus, it’s so light that I have no trouble carrying it up the stairs to my fifth-floor apartment!


8/13 Courtesy of LuluLemon
Best Sports Bra

LuluLemon Bitty Bracer
It’s made of the same material as a swimsuit, so it will definitely feel great in the water under your tri suit—and dry quickly afterward when you’re on the bike.


9/13 Courtesy of Neutrogena
Best Sunscreen

Neutrogena Wet Skin Lotion SPF 45
It’s specifically designed to stick to sweat- and water-drenched skin! Plus, it’s oil-free and doesn’t smell sunscreen-y.


10/13 Courtesy of of Asics
Best Socks

Asics Hera Lyte Single Tab Socks
They’re designed to be super lightweight and breathable so your feet don’t feel constricted.


11/13 Courtesy of 2XU
Best Tri Suit

2XU Women’s Comp Tri Singlet and Short
These are made from a super quick-drying fabric, so as soon as you get out of the water, you can hop on your bike (bonus: the shorts are padded for biking, and there are pockets in the back of the top where you can stash fuel!). You can even wear it during your run since it should be dry by then.

$79.95 (singlet), $89.95 (short)/

12/13 Courtesy of 2XU
Best Wetsuit

2XU Women’s A:1S Active Sleeveless Wetsuit
Wetsuits give you an edge because they help you float. This one is sleeveless, which is great for first-timers (full wetsuits can make you feel a bit claustrophobic if you’re not used to them).



13/13 Courtesy of Speedo
Best Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher
I received recommendations from two different trusted friends for this pair. They won’t fog up or leak, and they’re comfortable on your face.


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