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The Best Necklines for Your Body Type

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The secret to a sexy and flattering top? Choosing a neckline (and complimentary necklace!) that shows off your best assets, whether you're a pear shape or more of a rectangle. In these slides we go through all the classic necklines, and share which ones are best for different body types.

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Those with a modest chest can pull this off...and still look sophisticated.

Fifteen Twenty top, $165, at Arafina, 952-925-1565

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Sexy and original: letting your necklace ride high when your top is low-cut.

Gold Philosophy necklace, $165,

4/14 ,

Dainty shoulders get a power boost in this delt definer.

Ramy Brook top, $275,

5/14 ,

Perfect for pears who want to draw eyes up.

Nautica top, $59.50,

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Got curves? A boxy neckline provides a nice contrast.

Plenty by Tracy Reese top, $168, at Besselli, 920-884-0202

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A personalized charm should hang at the sternum.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry necklace, $165,

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The contoured shape turns an A-cup into a B.

Lulu's top, $31,

9/14 ,

It's the silhouette that flatters everyone.

Calvin Klein top, $59.50,

10/14 ,

A must for busty girls (a round collar can add pounds).

Lovers + Friends top, $104,

11/14 ,

Pair a statement bauble with a simple crew or V-neck.

Holst+Lee necklace, $235,

12/14 ,

A low scoop keeps your neck looking long and lean.

Massimo Dutti top, $85.50,

13/14 ,

Show off strong shoulders in a wider cut.

L.L.Bean Signature top, $99,

14/14 ,

Long pendants call for solid, unfussy tops.  

Push by Pushmataaha necklace, $185,

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