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9 months ago
The 9 Essential Self-Care Practices We All Need to Make Time For

Self-care has come to mean all sorts of things, from spa days to retreats to clean eating, and that can leave many of us feeling like it's beyond our reach. If we strip it back to basics, however, we can all make time for self-care with a few actionable and achievable goals to get us on the right track when we're struggling. The essentials of self-care include washing, dressing, and feeding ourselves, and getting enough rest. There are various reasons why these tasks can be challenging to complete at just a functional level, for financial, psychological, or physical reasons.

Even if you're able to keep on top of these daily practices, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, or space to really care for yourself in these areas. These are crucial things to pay attention to, though, and will help you feel strong and centered at your very core. These nine self-care tips will show you how to approach a manageable self-care routine that will help you feel better each day.

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