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1 year ago
The 6 Best Fitness Products to Help You Drop a Dress Size

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A successful slim-down mixes strength workouts and high-intensity interval training to bust through plateaus. Grab each of these go-to pieces to help you reach that goal that much faster and easier.

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This tank has exceptional ventilation for exceptionally sweaty sessions.

Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeveless Top$50,

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Focus on your workout without being distracted by your wardrobe thanks to this seamless tee, which won't budge no matter how dynamic your moves.

110% Women's Katalyst Short-Sleeve Shirt$70,

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These kicks are perfect for everything from fast treadmill runs to CrossFit WODs—and at less than six ounces, they'll make your feet feel as if they're floating on air.

Altra The One²$105,

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Soothe sore muscles, boost circulation, and improve recovery between workouts with this travel-friendly foam roller.

Trigger Point Grid Mini Foam Roller$25,

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You can abandon the double-sports-bra strategy: Gel underwire cups and wide straps keep your girls locked in and fully supported during high-impact activities.

Victoria's Secret Sport The Standout Sports Bra$50,

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Wearing shorts in the weight room can be a tad too revealing during lunges, squats, and jumps. This pair's inner compression shorts help prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

2XU Freestyle Short with Compression$80,

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