The 5 Best Sex Positions for When It’s Hot as Balls Outside

Hot, steamy, sultry. They're all words we use to describe great sex. They are not, however, ideal weather conditions for great sex.

But who says the smell of hot garbage on the street has to interrupt your regularly scheduled sexing? We won't stand for it. As most of the country enters a disgustingly hot heat wave, we're taking precautions to protect your orgasm.

Here, five stay-cool sex positions for the stickiest and ickiest of summer days.

best sex positions on the heat
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1. Pretzel

Why It's Heat-Friendly: This move is great for a cold tile floor and doesn't require a ton of work on your part. That means no sweaty post-sex hair for you, girl. Boom.

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How to Do It: Have him straddle your left leg while you're lying on your left side. Wrap your right leg around his waist as he goes deep. Then, do absolutely nothing.

best sex positions in the heat
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2. Doggy Style (Man's Best Friend)

Why It's Heat-Friendly: Sometimes you want slow, romantic sex that lasts forever as you caress every inch of your partner. This is not that time. Doggy style lets you get it in and get it on in record time (some studies suggest this position results in the fastest orgasm for dudes).

How to Do It: Get on all fours as he kneels behind you. Have him enter from behind. Aim a fan at your face and pretend like you're on the Titanic.

best sex positions in the heat
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3. Quickie Fix

Why It's Heat-Friendly: This move was pretty much made for the shower. But if you're not a fan of getting wet and wild, you can do it directly in front of your air conditioner (or central air vent, you fancy lady). Put this position to work when it's so hot the thought of bed sheets makes you want to move to Antarctica.

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How to Do It: Bend at the waist and rest your hands on your knees, a wall, or super sturdy fan (just sayin') for support. Have him enter you from behind. He can hold your hips.

best sex positions in the heat
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4. Seated wheelbarrow

Why It's Heat-Friendly: Basically the only things touching are your lady parts and his package. Plus, since he doesn't have to work as hard while sitting, and you're facing the floor, the chances of you two dripping on each other are slim to none. You're welcome.

How to Do It: Have him sit on the edge of a chair or bed. Place your hands on the floor in front of you as he enters you from behind. You can wrap your legs around him, if you've got central air. Otherwise, let 'em fly free.

best sex positions in the heat
5/5 Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex/Alyssa Zolna
5. Seashell

Why It's Heat-Friendly: Like hot yoga, a super toasty day makes you more flexible (and miserable) than you ever thought possible. Take advantage of your newfound bendiness with this acrobatic feat. Since this one involves, gasp, touching, make it the last thing you do during your sweaty romp. You can pre-game with some oral or any of the above moves.

How to Do It: Lie on your back and raise your legs up all the way up. Cross your ankles above your head. Have him enter you from the missionary position.

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