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The 5 Best Fitness Trackers

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Best for: Runners

Vibrating alerts keep you on your ideal pace, and it automatically pauses when you stop (say, at a traffic light). Garmin Forerunner 220 ($250,

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Best for: Triathletes

The large, easy-to-read screen and one-button design mean no-fuss tracking during a swim, ride, or run. TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch ($200,

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Best for: Fit Fashionistas

It has a subtle, streamlined design, comes in six colors, and syncs to your phone. Jawbone Up ($130,

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Best for: Strength Trainers

This tracker monitors your heart rate at the gym and tells you exactly how long to rest between sets. Polar FT80 ($320,

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Best for: Score Keepers

A colored meter shows how close you are to your daily "fuel points" goal; it syncs wirelessly to the app for some friendly competition. Nike+ FuelBand SE ($149,

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Best for: Bracelet Haters

Clip this tiny tracker to your bra or pop it into your pocket for a less-obvious way to watch your every step. Fitbit Zip. ($60,

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