The 11 Most Swoon-Worthy Olympic Hunks in Rio This Year

Whenever the Olympics roll around, we're reminded of all the hard work, discipline, and passion it takes to be a world champion athlete. But we also must take a moment to recognize the perfectly chiseled men who compete in the games. Between their gorgeous bodies and adorable personalities, we wish we could give every one of these guys the gold.

These are the hotties that we've deemed most suitable for your (inevitable) Olympic athlete fantasies over the next few weeks:

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olympic hotties ranked
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Ryan Lochte

Looks like this Olympic swimmer is searching for his perfect match. He told USA Today, "So I got on [Tinder] and I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything." Swoon. 

olympic hotties ranked
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Kevin Durant

If this handsome baller's heartfelt thoughts about BFF Russell Westbrook's wedding don't make you melt, we don't know what will. He told The Oklahomian, "I remember Nina (Russ’ wife) when she was still in college visiting Russ in OKC. I remember she flew on the team plane and it was the first time we had kinda met her and, like, you could see how much love they had for each other and I was so jealous. I wish I had that. You know what I’m saying? And to see it full circle, them as a married couple, it was beautiful. Showed how much we’ve grown." 

olympic hotties ranked
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Nathan Adrian

Sometimes you gotta love a mama's boy. The sexy swimmer told People, "The backseat my mom took was really important for me. All through high school and college, she never took it upon herself to motivate me. She knew that was my coaches' job and knew ultimately that motivation had to come from me internally. Her not putting too much pressure on me to perform or any of that has been nice."

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olympic hotties ranked
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David Boudia

Look for this fierce (and fine!) father on the high dive. He told NBC, "Having a daughter after the 2012 Olympics has made training so much different because once my first job (diving) ends, my other job (being a dad and husband) begins. It is non-stop work without much rest but totally worth it and has made this journey to 2016 so much better—but at the same time harder." 

olympic hotties ranked
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Sam Mikulak

According to The Daily News, Mikulak's future was set in stone when his parents signed him up for Mommy & Me gymnastics classes as a little kid. We'd love a little one-on-one time with this hunk.


olympic hotties ranked
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Jacob Dalton

According to NBC, this gymnast's heart belongs to his two rescue dogs, Chase and Chensey. Awwwww. Bonus: His female dog, Chensey, really loves to cuddle, and she sleeps in his bed every night. 

olympic hotties ranked
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Boris Diaw

He's a French basketball star. Need we say more? The National Basketball Players Association describes him as a free spirit. Plus, he's single without kids, and has traveled most of the world. He's a serious photographer, a children's book author, and a screenwriter. And the icing on the cake—he also plans to travel to space one day. Damn.

olympic hotties ranked
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Jamie Murray

While discussing his younger brother Andy Murray's tennis success with the Daily Mail, Jamie said, "If I wasn’t happy with my life and I was really struggling, maybe it would be different. I don’t know. I have always been his biggest fan and I have always wanted the best for him and that will never change." If that's how he treats his brother, just imagine how he'd treat you...


olympic hotties ranked
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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

The tennis star told The Guardian that he's got his eye on a different prize post-Olympics: "I hope I will have a family. A house, with a garden, will be nice. And I would love a barbecue! Just very simple things and a passion to work hard." Could he get any cuter?

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olympic hotties ranked
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Sonny Bill Williams

The desire to take care of his family is what motivated this rugby star to go far. He told The Guardian"I grew up in a housing-commission house. My parents were always living from paycheck to paycheck. They were always struggling. I thought that if I could play rugby on TV I'd be able to get my mom a house. That was the driving factor." We love a man that works hard for his mama. 

olympic hotties ranked
11/11 Getty Images
John Obi Mikel

This soccer star was just named the captain of the Nigerian soccer team in Rio. We'll be rooting for this cutie to score some goals—and take his shirt off—on the field!

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