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11 months ago
Teddy Day 2018: Here's what each color of Teddy Bear signifies

New Delhi:

 It's Valentine's week going on and each day is coming with its own theme of celebration. After celebrating the rose day, propose day and chocolate day, now is the time for teddy day.

Celebrated on the tenth day of the Valentine month, it is a day to celebrate your love with a touch of that soft cuddle which will make your lady love go 'aww'.

Indeed, it is one of the favorite days amongst girls and it is also the best way to express your feelings to your lady love. After all who can ignore a cute, cuddly teddy stuffed with love and affection.

However, before you by this cuddly gift for your love, it is important to know that each color of the teddy stands for a different message.

Here we bring you the list of colorful teddies and their significance, so you can give your love the perfect gift on teddy day:

Pink Teddy

Pink is the color of admiration, compassion and affection. This teddy symbolises unconditional love for partner. So if you get a pink teddy, it means that your special one has accepted your proposal and your two are officially dating now.

Blue Teddy (Pic credit: Amazon)

Blue is considered to be a royal color and it symbolises loyalty, trust, stability, wisdom and depth. So if your partner gifts you a blue teddy means his/her love for you is deep enough.

Orange Teddy (Pic credit: Rediff Shopping)

This teddy reflects fascination, passion and happiness. However, in the Valentine month, orange teddy is touted to be an indirect proposal. So if you get an orange teddy on this special day, it means that he/she will be proposing you very soon. So be prepared.

Red Teddy (Pic credit: Amazon)

Red is the color of love and is considered to be quite auspicious in this Valentine month. While it symbolises never-ending love, giving a red teddy to your loved one can fill the air with intense love.

Green Teddy (Pic credit: Stuffed Safari)

This color stands for growth, freshness harmony. It has a strong emotional message saying that your love is waiting for you.
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