Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency

Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Women suffer from iron deficiency a lot more than men because of their monthly blood loss through menstruation. But post-menopausal women and men can also have iron deficiency if they have gastrointestinal conditions (like peptic ulcers) that cause bleeding in their gut.

1 Extreme Fatigue: As mentioned in the introduction, without iron your body cannot produce haemoglobin, the red pigment needed by your blood cells to transport oxygen all over your body.

2 Pale Nails:  The earliest sign of anemia is paling of fingernails. In fact, if you press the nail of an iron-deficient individual, it does not become pink immediately after release. This paleness is because of a decrease in your haemoglobin levels, which is responsible for the red colour of your blood.

3 Pale Yellow/White Insides Of The Lower Eyelid :The insides of your lower eyelid are usually pink or red in colour because of healthy blood flow.

4 Breathlessness After Minor Day-to-Day Activities : If you are breathless after simple daily routines like wearing clothes, brushing your teeth, or even writing in a notebook (and this symptom is in conjunction with the ones mentioned above), then you definitely have iron deficiency. This is because without sufficient haemoglobin in your body, your muscles will not receive adequate oxygen during their functioning.

5 Frequent Headaches And Dizziness: Frequent headaches and feeling dizzy is not the most common sign of iron deficiency, but if it is in conjunction with the signs above, then it is definitely a symptom of iron deficiency.

6 Irregular Heart Palpitations: If your red blood cells do not have enough haemoglobin, they cannot adequately oxygenate your body. This increases the workload on your heart, which now has to pump extra fast to cope up with the increased demand for oxygen, leading to irregular palpitations.

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