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1 year ago
Swimsuits We Love for Under $50

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Summer means a lot of great things, like beach trips and vacations—but it can also take a huge toll on your wallet. But you shouldn't have to break the bank to look adorable at the beach. That's why we've rounded up the cutest swimwear we could find under $50. You're welcome.

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Watercolor print. Pretty li'l bow. Basically, a sweet deal of a suit.

Aerie, $49.95,

3/9 ,

So very Bond (or is it bondage?) girl.

Abercrombie & Fitch top, $22, and bottom, $18,

4/9 ,

This two-piece just makes us happy. (Our wallet, too.)

Op top, $7, and bottom, $7, at Walmart

5/9 ,

The look of jacquard, for less.

Vanilla Beach, $45,

6/9 ,

Feel those Hawaiian vibes, even from a staycation.

H&M top, $15, and bottom, $10,

7/9 ,

With intricate patterns and boning, this could easily strut the runway.

Old Navy, $39.94,

8/9 ,

The sporty neon bikini's a must-buy for summer 2015.

H&M top, $18, and bottom, $18,

9/9 ,

Extra lift and extra coverage at no extra cost.

Joe Boxer top, $25, and bottom, $18,

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