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11 months ago
'Super gross': Was this Bella and Gigi Hadid picture in British Vogue Photoshop...

British Vogue Monday shared a few photos of supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid from a photoshoot of the magazine’s upcoming March 2018 cover. In one of the pictures Vogue shared on their Instagram, Bella and Gigi pose nude in a close embrace.

Nudity aside, the picture has created a storm on the social media, with many accusing the magazine of going “overboard” with Photoshop. Some Twitter and Instagram users claimed Vogue edited Bella’s face to a point where it is unrecognisable.

“She is naturally gorgeous there is no need for editing,” Twitter user collinsxvogue wrote, while a Twitter user named Natalie B wrote, “Bella is unrecognizable.”

“Bella doesn’t look like Bella. And Gigi has the eyebrows on top,” trendyma wrote.

Social media users claimed the magazine edited Bella’s face to the point where it is unrecognizable. (Instagram/ British Vogue)

Others accused the magazine of putting Bella and Gigi in an “uncomfortable” situation by asking them to pose nude together.

“I can’t help but think how uncomfortable they must have felt taking this picture,” an Instagram user commented under British Vogue’s photo of the Hadid sisters. “Would two famous brothers ever be asked to pose like this? Would you ever feel comfortable taking a picture like this with your sister?”

“This is not how siblings are supposed to act. This is exploitation, not adoration,” another Instagram user wrote.

Someone else wrote: “From the comments, it’s obvious British Vogue has totally missed the mark with the photo. It doesn’t reflect anything that I as a woman want to see.”

People are accusing British Vogue of going “overboard” with Photoshop. (Instagram/ British Vogue)

And Twitter users mutantpasta and Crabcountess called the photo “super gross” and “disturbing,” respectively.

Twitter user mutantpasta wrote, “gross that their faces were photoshopped to this extent. super gross that two siblings were asked to pose like this.”

Another user, Crabcountess, wrote, “That is #Bellahadid?? Are we sure? The cover is disturbing..very very disturbing.. #Vogueuk #Gigihadid.”

But not everyone took issue with the photo of the two Hadid sisters embracing.

A Twitter user named Anne Matthews called the photo “beautiful” and “artistic.” She continued: “[This photo] says ‘elegance and art’ to me. [It’s] superbly lit and composed. What’s wrong with people that they see ugliness in everything? It’s stunning.”

Others have accused the magazine of putting the Hadid sisters in an “uncomfortable” situation by asking them to pose nude together. (Instagram/ British Vogue)

“Vogue is about more than fashion, also beauty, the best photographers, models, and strong women. This is a besutiful, artistic photograph. It says, elegance and art to me, superbly lit and composed. What’s wrong with people that they see ugliness in everything. It’s stunning,” she posted.

“I think it’s STUNNING and I abhor all these negative comments,” tweeted Maxine Van-Cliffe, creative fashion director and editor-in-chief of Maxine Digital Magazine.

Bella and Gigi Hadid have yet to address the Photoshop speculations, but Bella did share a photo of her British Vogue cover on Instagram on Monday.

“My British Vogue cover! All my love for having my beautiful sissy Gigi Hadid and I share the March cover showing how similar we really are,” she wrote in the caption.

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