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11 months ago
Stigmas around bra that needs to be changed!

Few stereotypes that we need to change.

The best feeling in the world is going back home and taking off the bra!  It is said that bras are for our comfort, but are they? We hate wearing them, but can’t help it.

With bra comes many myths, especially in a country like India where stereotypes are fixed for everything. But we feel there are few stigmas related to BRA that should be changed.

  • You can never show your bra strap!  We all get looks when our bra strap slides from our t-shirt. C’mon what is the issue? If we wear it we can show it.
  • It is a secret! You cannot talk about them in front of your male friends. The society is moving forward and boys these days know more than us!

  • The trendy and stylish bras are for sluts, good women do not wear them!

  • Covering the bras with towels when hanging them in balcony as the neighbours might feel awkward.  Don’t their ladies wear a bra?
  • Choosing not to wear it ,is still taboo. Deep necks are accepted but clothing worn without a bra is a sin.

  • It prevents sagging so you must wear it 24 hours. Locking them up for a day isn’t enough? Do we need to do it at night as well?

  • It is not necessary to wear a bra for women with tiny boobs! No, all the sizes need a bra.

The society really needs to change. These stigmas around bra are false, we can wear any style we want. People should stop reacting to bras like this! We all have to teach and modify our societies and do need to discuss bra problems in public!

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