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11 months ago
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A soft cashmere stole creates a poetic imagery of style and warmth when worn on a day slightly cold. Even more so, during the year-end festivities when you'd prefer to show off that exquisite evening wear rather than layering up in knitted wools. In this case, a feather-light 'souffl̩' stole from Ezma's 'Romancing the Stole' 2017/18 bespoke collection, is the answer to your wintry woes. "The stoles are called 'Souffl̩' because they are light and airy like the delicious French dessert," says brand manager Subhendu Ghosh of the Delhi-based label. He explains that the 'souffl̩' brand of cashmere is comparatively finer than other options in the market, because of its low yarn count Р2ply worsted spun cashmere. "It is made with a 2x200 count yarn."

This all-weather cashmere stole is made from natural fibres with 30 percent hygroscopic quality that makes it insulated enough to maintain a constant body temperature, and so it does well in tropical climates.

Out of the many design variations in Ezma's latest collection, five of them will stand out for an upscale occasion. The 'Glimmer of Shimmer' line doles out elegant metallic, dual-hue combinations. 'Subtle Sequence' has a shiny, sequined border in six colour combinations. The most attractive is 'Star', in which all six shades bear a thick panel of Austrian Swarovski crystals to accentuate the border. For a Victorian, ladylike silhouette, there's the 'So Lace' line where, half the cashmere stole dissolves into an exquisite see-through arrangement of floral patterns and a slight tasseled edge. Lastly, the 'Grades' line of seven warm hues is meant to enhance any block-colour ensemble. All of Ezma's stoles are either in muted tones, shaded gradients or combine two colours.

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