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6 months ago
Skin positivity: The biggest beauty trend of 2018 has people posting acne photos...

A movement that accepts skin imperfections and encourages skin positivity has been building up in the social media sphere. The trend celebrates people’s imperfections and inspires them to embrace it. And people are now using social media to show that they love themselves for who they are, flaws included, be it acne or pigmentation. Instagram accounts such as My Pale Skin Blog and Anjali Mahto reflect this trend.

Em Ford’s images juxtapose how she really looks with an altered image to reflect beauty standards. (Instagram/MyPaleSkinBlog)

Skin positivity is taken for confidence. It’s not just about a random, make-up free selfie here and there. It is actually a way that people are using to break barriers surrounding the huge stigma of skin issues.

According to The Independent, people struggling with skin issues behind closed doors tend to undergo mental health issues, such as negative body image, depression, and suicidal thoughts — known as ‘psychodermatology’.

Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at 55 Harley Street, posted photos of her acne on Instagram to show that she is okay with the condition. (Instagram/AnjaliMahto )

Realising this, people have taken to social media to encourage people to deal with skin problems at their own pace and make them realise that they are not alone.

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