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11 months ago
Single on Valentine's Day? Here's the ultimate guide to surviving it

Being single on Valentine’s Day can bring with it a fair measure of despair, FOMO (fear of missing out), or annoyance -- depending on how you choose to look at the situation. Here’s how to get through the mush that envelopes everyone’s collective senses this time, every year.

Diss the celebrations

Be the Grinch who stole Valentine’s Day. Rant about how commercialised the holiday has become to anyone who has the misfortune of crossing your path. Catch hold of your committed friends and tell them how falling in love will ruin their life. Basically, be Naina (Preity Zinta) from Kal Ho Naa Ho before she crossed over to the dark side.

Treat yo self

Yes, pamper yourself, the millennial way. The popular slang ‘treat yo self’ refers to taking some time off and indulging in things that bring you absolute and pure joy. Go wild and have yourself a little ‘staycation’. Want to wolf down an entire cheese pizza? Do it. Dying to binge-watch that TV show? Go right ahead. So what if you’re alone? Have a wine and cheese night (a fancier way of getting drunk in your apartment without anyone to stop you). As you can tell by now, there are no rules.


Bond with other singles

Hop over to comedy troupe All India Bakchod’s (AIB) Mumbai event, Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai to meet fellow V-Day haters. Look out for restaurants/cafes in your city that are organising ‘anti Valentine’s Day’ events. And if all else fails, band together some of your single friends and throw a small house party. And err, make sure that one recently single and heartbroken friend doesn’t play Channa Mereya.

Count your perks

Despite what greeting card companies and romance dramas would like you to believe, being single does have its upsides. You don’t need to share your tacos with anyone. You can choose which movie to watch. You won’t be addressed as ‘babu’ or ‘shona’. You can take off on solo trips that promise adventure (and maybe even a holiday romance). And most importantly, you don’t owe anybody any explanations.


Take this expert advice

Still feeling desolately partner-less? Listen to Seema Hingorrany, a Mumbai-based clinical psychologist: “The idea that you have to be with someone on Valentine’s Day is just conditioning. You think people will judge you if you aren’t. But it’s okay to be alone; do not allow yourself to feel left out. While others are out celebrating, seize this chance to practise self-love.” Besides, we say, there are worse things than being without a date on V-day.

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