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11 months ago
Single? Have the best Valentine’s Day


Single? Here’s how to have the best Valentine’s Day ever

Valentine’s Day puts pressure on us singles to fall in love! Most people already have a partner to coochie coo this love season. But finding the right partner is no small feat, after a lot of first dates, bad kisses, stalking men on tinder, I kind of gave up. However, around Valentine’s the need to hook up gets desperate and this year I decided to enjoy my singleness than be with the wrong man.

Here are cool ways to enjoy V Day:

Party with your girls
Your friends are your love of life too. I mean they are the ones with you through thick or thin and they deserve your love a lot more. Plan a party with them and enjoy the evening sans any expectations from a guy you just met. Exchange gifts, crazy, sentimental or whacky but knowing they shall watch your back.

Buy yourself some Valentine’s day fluff

I love the cups around Valentine’s. They are pink with hearts and the kinds I would love to have coffee in. This time around buy those coffee mugs, chocolate for yourself over someone else.
It’s just a day
If you are feeling sad about the lack of a date please understand that today marks just one day in the calendar and being with the wrong guy shall take you away from the right one.
Get your dog a gift
If you have a pet, you would understand that no love is bigger than loving your dog! So this Valentine’s indulge your pet get that big box of treats or a new ball for him and see the happiness.
Dress up
Dress up

Dress up

Don’t have a date? Well that should not stop you from dressing up and being happy. After all it is your day and love yourself by dressing in some bright pinks and red.

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