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11 months ago
Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is essentially the brewed drink that is obtained from the coffee beans, which grow in the plant. Although coffee is very helpful for people trying to stay awake at night for working or studying, it comes with a lot of side effects.

1 Increases Hypertension It has been studied that coffee has a positive correlation with various cardiovascular diseases and increases the stress level in users.

2 Insulin Insensitivity Addiction to coffee leads to insulin insensitivity, which ultimately leads to your body cells not reacting to the high blood sugar levels.

3 Increase In Acidity Coffee is known to have acid content in it and the relieving effect is caused by the caffeine content, which is highly addictive.

4 Addiction As mentioned earlier, the caffeine content in coffee leads to the sense of relief that one gets after drinking coffee. Addiction makes it very difficult for a user to rely on his own body’s energy level.

5 Excess Urination Coffee is known to be a diuretic, meaning its users are more prone to be urinating frequently.

6 Detoxification Of The Liver And Drug Metabolism The constituents in coffee can interfere with the normal drug metabolism and detoxification of the liver.

7 Increases Insomnia, Anxiety And Depression. If you have sleeping problems, think before gulping down that latte, as it might worsen your condition.

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