Shut the Front Door: Vending Machines Filled With MAC Products Exist

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Screw candy bars: we want our vending machines to be filled with beauty products. We've seen Benefit, Sephora, and even Chanel all strategically place makeup machines in airports and other transit hubs, and now apparently MAC has got into the game, too.

According to Dominic Skinner, Global Senior MAC Artist (and frequent new-product leaker - thanks for looking out for us, Dominic!), these magical machines have been set up backstage at London Fashion Week.

This vending machine holds goodies from the Little Mac Collection of pint-sized lipsticks, glitter pigments, mascaras, setting sprays, makeup removing wipes, and highlighters. We'd wager it would come in handy for on-the-go touch-ups. Unfortunately, Dominic didn't say if the machines would expand to any other location. So: who wants to start a petition to get these bad boys installed in every office break room?

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