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9 months ago
Shop like the stars: Drew Barrymore loves sale shopping

Actress Drew Barrymore has admitted that despite her celebrity status, she can’t justify the price of designer items unless they are at discounted prices. The 42-year-old actress is worth an estimated $125 million but can’t justify the hefty price tag of high-end garments, so she waits until they are reduced in price so she can “justify” the purchases, reports

She said: “I know what’s happening in fashion and have a stylist to get me dressed for red carpets, but I tend not to be a purchaser of high-end stuff because I just can’t bring myself to pay the prices. I do love (online shopping outlet) The Outnet though — sometimes you can find designer pieces for, like, 80% off and you think, ‘OK, now I can justify this.’”

Barrymore insisted she has never had any cosmetic surgery and credits a good skincare routine as her secret to looking and feeling good.

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