Shake Up Your Makeup

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If you love brown or black eyeliner...
Try plum or navy
Jewel-toned liners make you nervous? Plum or navy is a good compromise. "The hint of color makes your irises more vivid without being over the top," says New York City makeup artist Carmindy, who's always up on all of the best beauty products out there. Draw a thin line along the roots of the upper lashes, then gently smudge the color with a brush or your finger to soften the look and make it smokier.

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If you love nude eye shadow...
Try a shimmery gold
Do you scan all the pretty shadows in your palette each morning, sigh, and dunk your brush into a basic nude? You need to live a little! "A sparkling gold or khaki shadow is soft and natural, but the glimmer adds texture and interest," says Liz Pugh, an international celebrity makeup artist with Rimmel London. If you don't want shimmer all over your lids, use it as an accent. "I use my finger to press some right onto the center of the lid, below the crease, to give eyes a multidimensional effect."

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If you love buff or baby-pink polish...
Try griege polish
The love child of gray and beige, griege is the shade of the season. "It has a trendy edge, but it's totally neutral and wearable," says Sarah Lucero, a makeup artist with Stila. Plus, it's low maintenance. "Chips won't be glaring like they are on dark, vampy nails," says Lucero. Paint two coats onto short, rounded tips for a cool look that won't raise eyebrows at work.

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If you love bronzer...
Try a tawny peach cream blush
The rosy-cheek thing is in—and it looks more natural than bronzer when temperatures drop. Plus, a cream formula hydrates dry fall/winter skin. "A creamy peach blush has a luminous effect like a bronzer, and it flatters all complexions," says makeup artist Polly Osmond. Blend the cream high on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion to draw attention to your cheekbones.

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If you love red lipstick...
Try a burgundy lip stain
Think of burgundy as red's hipper younger sister. "Like red, it's seductive and feminine, but it's more mysterious," says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, Avon's global creative color director. Use a lip stain because it will last longer.

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