Sex tip after pregnancy — Use a lubricant to counter vaginal dryness

One thing that both partners should keep in mind about having sex after pregnancy is that they should keep the expectations low, especially if you are starting off after the hiatus. Keep in mind that it might not be a wild rendezvous, it might hurt, you might have to go through various trials and errors before you both get comfortable with the act. Here are few facts of sex after pregnancy that you should know.

For a woman, pregnancy changes her body and the postpartum phase has an effect on her mind and sexual desires to a great extent. Even if she desires physical intimacy her body which is too tired and recovering from the stains of labour, childbirth and putting up with the demands of a newborn, might betray her. One tip for men over here: have patience, go slow. Another sex tip after pregnancy — do it in the shower.

So, men even if you are waiting to rekindle the pre-pregnancy magic in bed, be flexible in your head. Your idea of wild romance might not take off right at the start. When your woman is in your arms gently stroke her and engage in foreplay to arouse her, first. Eventually, you will be able to up the heat but don’t be in a hurry.

When she gives you the right cues, you know your night ahead is going to be full of actions. But remember as we said; don’t have your expectations too high. Her body might not react the way you want it to and she might not be lubricated down there. Vaginal dryness post pregnancy is common, though not all women might face this problem. But if this is a persistent problem with your woman, ask her to use a lubricant. Yes, you might have to take little help to make sex after pregnancy easy, don’t hesitate. Here is the ultimate guide for women to choose the right lubricant.

Since her hormones are still playing wildly with her during postpartum, vaginal dryness could be an outcome of the same. This should not be a dampener for your romance if she is willing to get into the action too. So, use a lubricant for easier intercourse and reclaim the magic of sex back.

Before choosing the lubricant, be sure to have a word with the doctor or the gynaecologist so you select the right one. A wrong lubricant (ingredients that a woman could be allergic to) can make sex painful and ruin the fun. So, seek help and get romance back into your life.

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