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11 months ago
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Starting today until December 31, Pune will reverberate with electro beats dished out by some of the biggest artistes at Sunburn festival — one of the biggest music fests in Asia. Taking stage will be Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Nucleya, Afrojack, Kayzo, and many other. We got Teri Miko, Infected Mushroom, and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike from the line-up to share a few things about playing.

Thoughts before playing Sunburn Festival

Teri Miko: My first thought is to create a very unique and powerful set so I can bring a special experience for all the people who are coming for my slot. Plus, I’m super excited to share the main stage with bass monsters DJ Snake and Kayzo.

Infected Mushroom: We are super stoked. It’s always an honour and pleasure to play at Sunburn. 

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike: We are extremely excited for this show! Sunburn always delivers amazing production and the Indian fans are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world. So this is going to be a really great show!

A ritual before each performance or going on a tour

Like Mike: We always share a drink with our tour team before going on stage. Each show is a lot of hard planning and a lot of creative work goes into making sure the show delivers in the way the fans have come to expect. It means the world to us that each and every fan has the best night of their life so always take a moment to reflect this before going on stage.

Teri: The most important thing for me is to restore my energy as I am a very energetic performer, so before my tour, I try to rest as much as I can. And before my gig, I normally keep very quiet and calm, and sometimes I do push-ups.

IM: Two Heinekens and a high-five.

An interesting story from the road

Teri: A recent gig in Dubai was an experience to remember. I played in the middle of a desert, nothing around but sand, starry sky and cold wind. The vibe was unreal almost out of Arabian storybook.

IM: Last time in India, we partied a little too hard (or got poisoned), and had to spend the entire next day recovering in Delhi instead of taking our planned flight. 

Dimitri: What is it they say? ‘What happens on the road, stays on the road….’ We’ll reveal all one day when we write our autobiography.

A myth about DJs or producers that needs busting

Teri: That the energy they put in their performance on stage comes from drugs or alcohol. This stereotype comes from the early 90s and has nothing to do with the modern reality. Nowadays, most of the touring DJs are extremely conscious about their health, what they eat, what they drink, their workout routine and I am proud to say I am one of them. 

IM: We are human beings like you. We have families and enjoy the same things you do. Good food, good times. 

Like Mike: The stupid ghost producer myth. It’s a tired subject and mostly the only people who keep talking about it are those who are angry at the world or have nothing but a negative word to say. Too many of us put our heart and soul into something we believe in so let the haters hate, whilst the rest of us get on with doing what we love.

Favourite artistes and why

Teri: Skrillex. I think because of him I play the music that I play. For Sunburn, I am looking forward to DJ Snake, Kayzo, Stookie Sound, Party thieves and Clean Bandit

IM: Right now we are digging Riot and Warriors. They are making heavy beats, and they are our homies from Israel. 

Dimitri: We respect any artiste who follows their heart and does what they believe in. We had a lot of heroes growing up that inspired us to be the artists we are today — Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Erick Morillo. Artistes like J Dilla, Tupac, Biggie are other artistes away from dance music that inspired us to believe in a dream and follow it.

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