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7 months ago
Selena Gomez's First Big Fashion Purchase Proves She Was Always Meant to Be a Power Woman

Just when you thought you knew everything about Selena Gomez, she gives a new interview and you learn something different. (Like the fact she's both a shoe and bag girl.) Selena is Harper's Bazaar's March cover star, and she shot some stunning photos while wearing Coach 1941 pieces. The singer is the face of the fashion house, so no surprise there. The biggest reveal actually came when Selena talked about her personal life, career, and style.

When asked what her first major fashion purchase was, one might expect Selena to say Christian Louboutin heels or maybe even a wallet. However, Selena revealed it was "a Louis Vuitton laptop bag," for her "lip gloss and laptop," of course. Her love for Louis Vuitton seems to have come full circle, as the star previously appeared in the brand's campaigns and routinely sits front row at the runway shows. Read on for more gems from Selena's interview, and check out all the photos from the cover shoot ahead.

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